White Girl Mob Single

by PGP

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Lead single from PGP's debut mixtape, "The Beats Aren't Bad..."


released January 6, 2013

[Prod. MF Doom]



all rights reserved


PGP Boston, Massachusetts

Crazy rap crew made up of Clever Tom, Weekend Al O.G., Bagzborn, BWalsh, Knowledge, Bloody Quinngers, and many, many more.

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Track Name: White Girl Mob (Feat. BWalsh, Clever Tom, & Knowledge) [Prod. MF Doom]
I'm posted up in this bitch like it's 1996
I'm pissed cause Ferzy never sends me any pics
Playing Risk, tossing disc with my boy Griffin Sisk
We're sitting in my kitchen cooking up a tub Bis-
quick, I'm a prick, bitches wanna suck suck my dick
But they can't cause I'm slick and my pricks too thick
Harris was my inspiration giving this rap rejuvenation
Tommy's fear of masturbation is unique to all the nation
With George Paicopolous all the hoes be topless
And the streets on New Year's Eve are far from copless
But we don't give a fuck cause we never run amuck
of the law never been caught with a sign and it's due to more than luck
I'm a shadow in the dark sometimes sneaking through the park
Yeah I'm a predator, a motherfucking land shark
When I get on the scene, I'm a rapping machine
Yeah my skills are keen, BWalsh 416

In Machard Studio rapping and playing video
Games that that Young Simmie wrote songs to using samples of
On Super Nintendo, Sub-Zero dressed in yellow
Using a grappling hook to book some time with the devil
Forever for Johnny Cage, the dude only lames play
As as he's far and away the farthest from super saiyan
Liu Kang though, quite dope for any fight though
Not no Raiden but I'd take him over Kano
Painful to see me making every dude bleed
Who agreed to fight when I was racking up my win streak
Fifteen deep and nothing seems to say it's gonna change
I'd be surprised if there ever even came the day
When I do lose to you or anyone else
In Mortal Kombat or on the track when I melt
Every last face with the pace that I'm rhyming at
So be safe and in case use your rhyming mask

Never thought I'd stand up in front of a mic
Or even make music that other people would like
I'm not a rapper though, I am a landscaper
I kill trees, ironic, that's how I make paper
No money in the bank, I don't wanna see you drank
Sipping on a cheap beer, never drinking Everclear
Not enough money, I gotta buy weed
At twenty bucks a gram I should probably get seeds
Needs that I gotta cater to
Ghost flowing out my mouth and never say boo
Still spooky though, it'll give you a scare
If were the tortoise, I would outrun the hare
I love blankets and curtains, they keep me warm
When dinner comes around I love Chicken Porm